GoDaddy Update

So there has been a big update since this site was made back in the 2011.  GoDaddy has indeed come a long way with their hosting and now implements a very fast Cpanel interface and what I call 'standard' hosting equipment for shared and vps hosting environments. 

How do I know? - GoDaddy was kind enough to reach out and offer a free account to allow me to re-review their systems.  With that done and in the name of fairness I will say that GoDaddy offers a hosting solution that is now on par with other hosting providers like, if not a little faster.

However, I have personally found no change in their support philosophy.  Last year a client of mine went to get a VPS (a higher monthly fee account), the support for it was nonexistent outside of them promising the hosting portion would work, they still love the phrase 'refer to programmer' when there is a configuration or other site issue.

To their defense offering hosting and offering support for hosting ARE two separate things, and most also hold this philosophy of separating themselves from the programs and software that runs on their server (in so far as the health of the server is concerned).  But, they WILL charge you for it if you really, really need it.  Now I understand, and defend deeply the concept of charging for your services.  This criticism simply comes form the observation that companies like HostGator will help you as best and as free as they can just for being a customer.  From a business point of view I think HostGator SHOULD charge more, but for a customer the choice is clear, if the all things are equal why not go with better support?

But this site attacked GoDaddy's hosting, which WAS terrible, but NOW IS NOT TERRIBLE, and is actually worth checking out.  And like in my original post their domain name management services are also very good.  So their domain name tools, and their new hosting are two big benefits for GoDaddy now.  Their support is still lacking from where it could be, but understandable where it is.